Saturday, December 22, 2007

Latasha & Autery

Latasha & Autery came to us as referrals from her cousin LaToya & her husband Demond, who's wedding I photographed last year. THANK YOU for the guys are THE BEST!!! :-) Latasha has a beautiful spirit, is full of introspect, and spreads kindness with everyone she meets just by a smile or a glance. Autery is a "GQ Man" for sure, but he definitely has a fun mischievous side that he'll share with you once you get to know him. HA! They were married at the impressive Moncks Corner AME Church, and the reception was at Berkley Middle. Latasha & Autery's family and friends really came together in making sure the day was a huge success and had a personal touch to it. For example...LaToya was the wedding planner, making sure everything ran smoothly...and Latasha's sister, Angela, made the wedding cake, which was a huge, elegant, architectural wonder! You could really tell how much these two are truly loved by all. It was so nice to be a part of all the fun, fellowship, camaraderie, and laughter. That last shot of the toast really shows that "connection" I'm talking about. HERE'S TO YOU, Latasha & Autery!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Ansonborough Inn

Some of my colleagues have called me "possibly the most versatile photographer in Charleston today". (Trust me, they are being WAY too kind.) Anyway, part of that is because I tackle a huge variety of subjects...and strive for nothing less than EXCELLENCE in each. This week I had the pleasure of photographing some Interior/Architectural images for the Ansonborough Inn. If you've never stayed at this historic hotel, I highly recommend a visit next time you're in's absolutely GORGEOUS!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merci Beaucoup

I HAD to share this photo of Amy & Joe showing off their new pride and joy, Lilly May, at Abbey & Andy's wedding!!!
Merci Beaucoup to Lillian, Amy & Abbey's mom, for selecting me to preserve the most important days of her daughters' lives. I am truly honored!

Abbey & Andy

I've had the pleasure of photographing the McCollum family since 2003 when Abbey's sister, Amy, married her sweetheart, Joe. You couldn't meet a more wonderful, loving, sharing family anywhere!
Both the wedding and reception were held at the I'On Creek Club. That first image is of Andy and his new rock band...oops, I mean groomsman...overlooking the marsh. Of particular note is Abbey's wedding gown. It was her mother's wedding dress (altered for Abbey of course), that was originally hand-made by her grandmother. Abbey was absolutely BEAUTIFUL in it! The ceremony was Spirit-led and truly moving. Even James, one of the ring bearers, was totally riveted. THAT doesn't happen very often! :-) The reception, let by David Archer and his wild and crazy band, was FULL of energy and excitement! As the sun began to set and the party began to fade, Abbey & Andy stole a few moments for themselves out on the dock. And so my heartfelt BEST WISHES go out to you two for a happy and wonderful new life together!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Outsell's Signature Event

I photograph a lot of great corporate events. But the Outsell's Signature Event was truly a FIRST CLASS program! It was held at The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island...a beautiful property where second best is not an option. The planning and attention to detail was outstanding. The food was out of this world. Emily & Molly from the Outsell team were a pleasure to work with. And the speaker biographies read like a who's who in successful corporate giants...CEO of The Nielsen Company, former CEO of GE Aircraft Engines, CEO of Forrester Research, President of Crayon, Executive Editor of Greener World Media, CEO of DoubleClick, and the list goes on and on. One of the wonderful perks of being on assignment at events like this is the opportunity to hear world-renowned speakers like these. Probably one of my favorites was the famous nutritionist and expert on alternative medicine, Dr Andrew Weil.
Many thanks to Jennifer Kenwell at The Sanctuary for the wonderful referral!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rachael & Tony

Rachael & Tony were an AWESOME referral to us from the wonderful Kristin & Jamie Caudle...we love you guys!!! :-) With Tony's relaxed demeanor and Rachael's sharp sense of humor, I had so much fun getting to know both of them. It all started out at the Wycliffe House, where the girls were getting ready. This is a beautiful location and one of my favorites to work in with its winding staircase that just BEGS to be used in a photograph. I love that second shot of Rachael on the staircase gazing out the window! From there, I met up with Tony and the guys in the courtyard at St. Luke's Chapel, just down the street. Doesn't he look like a STUD?!? St. Luke's is one of my favorite chapels here in historic Charleston. It's so romantic with its stained glass windows, carved wooden pews, and vaulted rafters stretching overhead. After the touching service, we all headed back to the Wycliffe House for the reception. With the creative fall decor, tasty cupcake-style wedding cake, and brightly colored flip-flops for guests to change into, you could tell these two really put a lot of thought into making this day THEIR OWN! Thank you guys for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Party

MANY THANKS to all our friends, neighbors, and fellow photographers who came to our Christmas Party last night! Cami and I had an AWESOME time hanging out with you guys. It was nice to make new connections, strengthen our friendships, and yes even talk "shop" for a little bit. Here Robin and I demonstrates proper clowning-around-portrait-technique with the new D3 and ultra wide 14-24mm lens. CHEESE! :-)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Many Thanks!!!

MANY THANKS to Rebecca & Richard, seen here with the happy bride and holding their new son, for recommending us to Jennifer & Vic. We photographed Rebecca & Richard's wedding at St. Luke's Chapel in September of '06. I consider personal referrals like this to be the HIGHEST compliment we could ever receive. We are truly honored and blessed to have such great clients...and friends...

The Bahamas

Cami and I actually honeymooned in The Bahamas when we got married in '95. So it was WONDERFUL to be back. After photographing Jennifer & Vic's wedding, we stayed a couple extra days...enjoying the time together and photographing some of the beautiful scenery around the island. Enjoy!

Jennifer & Vic in THE BAHAMAS

What an AWESOME privilege it was to be a part of Jennifer & Vic's Destination Wedding in The Bahamas! They'd asked Cami & I to photograph a very special Eastern Ceremony the night before the wedding. When our flight was delayed due to mechanical issues, we started sweatin' it a bit. But everything worked out and we got there just in time. It was a really neat service with traditional Indian attire, music, symbols, food...truly a beautiful celebration. Earlier in the afternoon, Vic's mother had even lovingly covered Jennifer's hands with REAL henna! Dating back thousands of years, you can see how beautiful and artistic these Mehndi designs are by looking at the first photo of Jennifer getting ready the next day. Their wedding day was absolutely GLORIOUS...crystal clear skies, white billowy clouds, zero percent chance of rain. The melodic crashing of the waves on the sandy beach merged with the colorful sounds of the steel drum band playing in the background. We had a BLAST walking all over The Atlantis Resort, where everything took place, photographing these two among all the surreal scenery. The reception was in a huge thatched-roof gazebo overlooking the ocean. I got this last shot of Jennifer & Vic on the sand as the sun began to set at the end of their AMAZING wedding day! CONGRATULATIONS you two!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chrissie Zartman

This past summer, I was lucky enough to be the official photographer of the AVP Charleston Open professional beach volleyball tournament. Several of my images were picked up by Sports Illustrated for an article they wrote about Chrissie Zartman. Well, the AVP has also written a story about her, using our photos. Click here to check it out. This rising star is REALLY starting to turn heads!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Kate & Ryan

Kate & Ryan's wedding day started out with her getting ready at historic Charleston Place. Once she was ready to go, she and Ryan shared their "First Glance" together in a private suite. They embraced, she told him how excited she was that their big day had arrived, and he let her know how absolutely beautiful she was. It was a wonderful moment as they enjoyed the calm before the storm! :-) We then met the rest of the family at Waterfront Park to photograph all the portraits before the ceremony. They were married at the Circular Congregational Church, downtown. Since we'd already taken all the family photos, they were able to immediately take off in a carriage ride while the guests cheered them on. I got this shot of them in front of the Riviera Theater, with their names on the marquee in the background. The historic theater had been converted into a gorgeous dining hall for their reception. The fantastic day concluded with lots of fellowship, laughter, music, and dancing...all in all a PERFECT wedding day for a PERFECT couple!!! Click here to see the rest of their photos...

Sunday, December 2, 2007


It's been several weeks since I've had a chance to write on the Blog. Cami & I have just been SLAMMED with the "Christmas Rush". But I'll get back to update you soon on some REALLY COOL events we've photographed recently! In the meantime, Norma Mackenzie, an old friend from my high-school days at TASOK, shared this with me. It really puts the world into perspective! Enjoy...

Friday, November 9, 2007

Corporate Marketing

I met Mark & Patricia through my good friend Sean Templeton, who I play tennis with. They were looking to put together some new, top-of-the-line marketing material for their real estate company. The agency they decided to use was Hobbs Herder. And they selected US to create the photography. Once they had turned in their photos, their agent wrote back and had this to say: "I have attached PDFs of your team marketing materials with all your photos placed. Don’t they look great? Your photographer did a terrific job!" It was a pleasure getting to know Mark & Patricia, and working with them towards a common goal. We wish you guys all the success in the world!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Art Institute of Charleston

The Art Institute of Charleston had their Grand Opening Gala last week with appropriate fanfare. As a photographer, seeing a creative institution like A.I. open a new branch in my hometown is very exciting. Thanks to the referral from my good friend and fellow photographer, Gary Coleman, I had the privilege of photographing the event. Mayor Joe Riley gave a wonderful speech and cut the ceremonial ribbon. In this image, he was telling a joke that brought a smile to the president of A.I., seen chuckling in the background. Throughout the evening, guests got a kick out of our Shoot-to-Screen technology. As I walked around taking photos of the dignitaries and guests in attendance, the images were wirelessly transmitted to the state-of-the-art flat-screen monitors in the lobby and automatically inserted into a "live" continual slide show of the evening.

I had a great time meeting and talking to some of the students enrolled in the Photographic Imaging Bachelor of Fine Arts program, who were also taking photos. And I even got an invitation from Howard Katz, Academic Director of Art & Design, to come speak to the students. Since I LOVE sharing my passion for photography, I'm looking forward to the opportunity!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ashley & Jeremy

Ashley & Jeremy couldn't have timed their wedding any better, as cooler fall weather finally rolled in to Charleston last weekend for their BEAUTIFUL outdoor affair at Middleton Place! Ashley wore a STUNNING wedding gown with deep red accents that matched her bridesmaids' dresses and was accentuated by her bouquet of red roses. Jeremy and the guys had red boutonnieres setting off the classic lines of their tuxes. And the three ADORABLE flower girls wore wreaths of baby's breath and red rose buds.

Every detail was planned to perfection, which made the day go smooth as silk. There were settings for a tender kiss, a knowing glance, or a heartfelt hug that made time seem to stand still...even for just a moment. But the overall atmosphere of joy and excitement was so genuine and pure that when it came time for Ashley & Jeremy to take their Limo ride to their honeymoon suite at the Middleton Inn, I could hardly believe it was already over! I followed them to the room to get a couple final images of the newlyweds placing the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door (wink,wink) and relaxing on their bed, which was beautifully decorated guessed rose pedals. Visit their Online Gallery to see the rest of their images...