Thursday, May 29, 2008

Brittany & Mitch

Brittany & Mitchell's wedding absolutely MADE MY WEEK!!! I knew when I photographed their engagement session that I was in for a wild ride with these two. :-) It was freezing, windy, and threatening to storm that day when we arrived at Folly Beach. Most couples would have turned their tails and RAN! But Brittany & Mitch were all gung-ho and we ended up with the most awesome, DRAMATIC images as a result. Well, their wedding day turned out GORGEOUS and I ended up getting the most dramatic shots of a different nature! I usually don't have any trouble picking out a few of my favorites for this Blog. But I had the HARDEST time narrowing it down to just these few black-and-whites. Their ceremony was at the picture-perfect Legend Oaks Plantation. Their flower girls were adorable. Their bridesmaids and groomsman were a TRIP! Mitch was actually a groomsman in Emily & Brian's wedding, which I photographed a few years ago. (Thanks for the AWESOME referral you guys!) So it was cool to see them returning the favor to their friends and pulling the line as part of the wedding party this time. After all the craziness died down, Brittany & Mitch invited me to come photograph a few cool images of them at the Flowertown B&B, where they spent their honeymoon night. So I'll end with one of those images. Leave us some love on the Blog. And Click Here to see the rest...
CONGRATULATIONS Brittany & Mitch. You are two "wild and crazy guys"!

Tea Pots

I love photographing assignments for our WONDERFUL clients at Signature Kitchens & Baths. They allow me a "hall-pass" to photograph the most sumptuous homes in Charleston. Sometimes I feel like I'm walking into an episode of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous". This assignment was no different. The team at Signature Kitchens had truly done a marvelous job designing and building a beautiful kitchen and breakfast room in this historic home. I can't tell you the address, but it's right along the battery with an AMAZING view of Charleston Bay. This shot was just a quick inset I photographed of the owner's beautiful tea pot collection in the new cabinets over the sink. Aren't they cool?!?

Monday, May 26, 2008

SoCon Baseball Championships

Baseball is one of the few sports I didn't play much in school. I guess living overseas, the "Great American Game" wasn't as popular. None-the-less, I had an awesome time photographing the Southern Conference Baseball Championships this week. In the finals, #1 ranked Elon destroyed #2 ranked College of Charleston 17-8. This is the first time in five years that the #1 ranked team in regular season standings has also won the Championships. "Elon starter Cory Harrilchak (#2) scattered four hits and struck out five in six innings of work to pick up the win. Harrilchak was 5-for-5 at the plate with three RBI while scoring four runs." Cory (sprinting for another one of his runs in that last photo) was named Most Outstanding Player.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Kelly & Chris

Kelly & Chris came to us as WONDERFUL referals from Stephanie & Wade and Jenni & Zach. (It was AWESOME to see you guys again...I can't thank you enough for recommending me to Kelly & Chris!) Kelly is so organized and on-the-ball about EVERYTHING. I love that about her...just like Cami. ;-) And Chris is a huge movie buff. So you KNOW I had a fun time listening to the guys spout lines from Monte Python movies! Their ceremony was held at Sullivan's Island Baptist Church where Kelly & Chris attend. It was a wonderful setting with a beautiful sanctuary, cute little courtyard, and fantastic red brick walls that seemed to glow in the afternoon sun. The reception was held at the Hobcaw Yacht Club, a quaint venue right on the river. On the way to the reception, serendipity happened! Seconds before we got there, the draw bridge from Sullivan's Island opened, forcing us to stop. Some couples might have regarded this as a negative since it would mean taking that much longer to get to the reception. But not Kelly & Chris! With the sun setting in the distance, we all jumped out and took advantage of this OPPORTUNITY to create a dramatic portrait standing on top of the bridge in the gorgeous light!!! It was like God decided to stop the traffic JUST for us.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hilton Dental

Dr. Hilton and his team at Hilton Dental have REALLY helped Cami and I improve our smiles and keep our teeth healthy. Stop in and visit them. You owe it to yourself to take good care of your smile. ESPECIALLY since it will help you look better in front of my camera - HA!!!

Beth & Jason

Beth & Jason had a WONDERFULLY intimate wedding on Folly Beach. It was a special occasion with only close family and friends invited. They met online while he was overseas in the military. Over time their relationship grew and they fell deeply in love. Throughout their Big Day, whenever they held hands and looked in each other's eyes, my heart just melted! They truly shared a oneness in spirit that you just don't see every day. Beth & Jason, you two are absolutely BEAUTIFUL together! THANK YOU for allowing me to come into your lives on this special day!!!

MUSC College of Health Professions

I had the honor of photographing the MUSC College of Health Professions Hooding Ceremony again this year. It's so exciting for me to see all these young people embarking on a new journey in life, stepping out to become leaders in their chosen fields of health and medicine. CONGRATULATIONS to all the graduates!!! View all the photos here.

Katie & Joseph

Katie & Joseph got my name off one of my favorite couples from last year...Brittany & Chas. (Thanks for the great referral, guys...Katie & Joseph's wedding was AWESOME!) I travel to Columbia a dozen or so times a year. But I've never photographed a wedding at the First Presbyterian Church. It was GORGEOUS! I truly love that shot of Joseph kissing Katie's forehead during an emotionally charged moment immediately after they had recessed out of the sanctuary as husband and wife! The reception was held at the Columbia Museum of Art, which I love photographing in. They each gave a huge bouquet of flowers to their mothers (appropriate for Mother's Day weekend). One of the highlights of the evening was when several of Katie's friends (unannounced to the couple) re-enacted Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video to the delight of all the guests. It was fantastic!!! :-) THANK YOU Katie & Joseph for helping me remember how lucky I am to be married to my best friend!
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

AVP Charleston Open

Well, the AVP Charleston Open is back in town! Here are a few of shots from the tournament. If you've ever gone for a walk on the beach (or worse, tried jogging on it) and woke up the next morning with sore calves and thighs, you can just imagine how physically fit these athletes are!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Carreen & Michael

I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Carreen & Michael over the past year. When I photographed their Engagement Session a while back, I KNEW they were going to be one of my favorite couples. :-) Their wedding was held at St. Luke's Chapel. I LOVE the gorgeous sanctuary and quaint courtyard! The reception was held at The Hibernian Hall...ANOTHER wonderfully photogenic venue. Though they didn't want to see each other before the ceremony, Carreen specifically requested the shot of each of them on either side of the door holding hands. The EXCITEMENT in their eyes for what's about to transpire is PRICELESS! Carreen & Michael, may you always have that same spark in your eyes for each other forever and ever!!!
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