Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Recharging Batteries

After a very exciting and successful year, Cami & I FINALLY took a little break. I lovingly call Cami "my little travel agent" because she always finds these neat trips to take and places for us to visit. This one was no different! We took a cruise that actually left from right here in Charleston! How cool is THAT!?! We sailed on the Norwegian Majesty down to Grand Cayman, on to Cozumel, then to Key West, and finally back home. I think Cami's favorite port was in Grand Cayman because of her new feathered friend. :-) Personally, I enjoyed the ATV Jungle Adventure in Cozumel waaaay too much, as evidenced by the mud that covered me head to toe at the finish line. Of course we touched the southern most tip of the United States while in Key West. And we had plenty of other good times both on the ship and off. It was WONDERFUL to get away, relax, and recharge our batteries in preparation for all the exciting surprises that 2007 will have in store for us. See ya next year!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holiday Magic

Larry Lipov, president of Pearlstine Distributors, was so pleased with the photography we provided at his son's Bar Mitzvah last month, that he asked us to cover another big event for him! He had worked and worked to book the famous Budweiser Clydesdale Horses to come to Charleston this year. While they were in town, he was having a special "Holiday Magic" luncheon in honor of all his employees and their families. He wanted each of those families to have the gift of a holiday portrait they would never forget. So we set up a little scene with the lead Clydesdale and his shiny red wagon. As we photographed each family, the camera wirelessly transmitted their images to a computer inside the big tent where the lunch was to be served. The event logo was added to the image and a 5x7 print was made on our high-speed portable photographic printer. The image was slipped into a professional folio to frame and protect it. By the time each family had wandered inside for lunch, their portrait was already completed and on display for them to pick up. They were amazed by OUR "Holiday Magic"! But giving each family this unique portrait they would never forget was the REAL magic moment for us!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Season's Greetings

The Christmas Season is almost here! Each December, Cami, Henry, and I try to get a nice photo taken that we can share with family and friends. (You can take a look at last year's, here.) This time we decided to do an "Old Charleston" scene. We asked our good friend, Gary Coleman, to photograph it for us. And we picked one of our favorite picturesque alleys, just off the lower end of Church St. The old brick homes, narrow walkways, and black iron fences have a real Charleston charm that's hard to beat. Henry LOVES to ride in the car. So he was happy to pose for a few photos in exchange for us letting him hang his furry head out the window while we drove. It always cracks me up when the wind gets under his lips and those jowls start to flap back and forth! :-) Anyway, we want to wish all of you a blessed Christmas Season!!!

Friday, December 8, 2006

AVP Volleyball

Today, I was invited by Mike Saia, Media Director of the Family Circle Cup, to get exclusive coverage of a major press conference at their facility. The AVP Professional Beach Volleyball Tour announced that Charleston would be the LATEST addition to the circuit. That's PRETTY COOL!!! Mayor Joe Riley was there to welcome the tour. And super stars Holly McPeak and Stein Metzger flew in to say a few words and pose for a few photos. You can see several other photos from the conference on the FCC website here and on the Beach Volleyball Magazine website here. In addition to being given exclusive coverage of a private shoot with Holly & Stein on Stadium Center Court, I was invited to photograph the tournament when it arrives June 14-17. I grew up playing volleyball, and even played competitively my freshman year in college. So this is a HUGE TREAT for me to see some of my idols like Misty May, Karch Kiraly, & Kerri Walsh in action!