Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Alamo at Dusk

OK, OK...I got a few requests for a shot of The Alamo. I guess when you tell someone you visited "San Antonio", that's what everyone thinks of. :-) Anyway, here's my interpretation of "The Alamo at Dusk". It's actually pretty cool inside. They have old muskets that Crockett used and some knives made famous by Bowie. If you ever get a chance, make sure and visit! VERY COOL!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Pumped Up

Now that I'm back in Charleston, I have to say I had an INCREDIBLE time at the Imaging USA Conference in San Antonio. I got to hang out with this guy - Joe Buissink - probably the most creative American wedding photographer of our time! His list of wedding clients is like the who's who of Hollywood. I also enjoyed lunches with some of the cutting-edge guys like David Jay, Kevin Swan, and Nathan Holritz who are pushing the outside of the envelope and setting the trends of today's photographic styles. All I can say is I'm PUMPED UP and just can't WAIT to see what 2007 has in store...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Friends in Foreign Places

This week I've been in San Antonio, TX for the Imaging USA photography convention I attend every year. It's always great to be inspired by all the speakers, share ideas and techniques with other photographers, and learn about new products from all the vendors. I went with my friend and fellow photographer, Robin Knight. In spite of the freezing ice-storm that blew into town, we decided to go do a little sight-seeing and take a few photos. (How odd...photographers playing "tourist" while attending a photo convention...hmmm?!?) Anyway, we were practically the only people visiting the San Juan Mission this afternoon since the weather was so ugly. When suddenly this lonely dog came up to greet us. Being a sucker for beautiful dogs, I had to pet this young lady, who happened to be VERY pregnant. I immediately realized she was STARVED for attention! As she followed me around while I photographed this historic mission, I talked to her and petted her. When Robin & I were done, she followed us over to wait for the bus with me. I missed our dog, Henry. And she needed some TLC. So we kept each other company until our ride came. It's always nice to make friends in foreign places!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

My Best Friend

Katie & Steven tied the knot yesterday in a BEAUTIFUL evening service at Christ Episcopal Church. While hanging out with Katie and her gorgeous bridesmaids before the service (I know I have SUCH a ROUGH JOB), I was truly taken by a comment she made. "I'm marrying my BEST FRIEND!". Doesn't that just melt your heart?!? I'm sure that as family and friends, we couldn't ask for anything more for these two. Those who were in attendance may not have heard that private conversation. But they certainly witnessed the outward display of their love for each other in that looooong kiss at the alter! :-) Anyway, I was truly blessed to be a part of their Big Day. Here's one of my favorite images as they admire her ring...made of precious metal in a circle that never ends. Katie & Steven, may your lives together be full of precious moments that never end!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Magic Hour

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE time of day to photograph is during what's known as "Magic Hour". This is the last hour of daylight before sunset. The quality of light at this time is soft and beautiful - which is PERFECT for portraits. But this is also a transition time. The sun is setting, the moon is rising, the winds are dying, the seagulls are settling in for the night. And if you're lucky, on the very edge of this transition, something MAGIC will happen! The sky might burst into color, the clouds might roll into an imposing presence, the moon might rise over the ocean, and the lighthouse in the background might flash into life. :-) Here's a Magic Hour image from Russ & Maggie's family session. I had a wonderful time getting to know them and their two beautiful daughters. We got a ton of great shots, but this remains one of my favorites!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Healthy Living

Happy New Year! I actually photographed this cover for the Charleston Regional Business Journal in the fall of 2006. (That's Holly Fisher's husband with one of their beautiful labs. Holly is one of the many wonderful people I have the privilege of working with at the CRBJ.) But 2007 is here and I went to see my doctor yesterday for my yearly checkup. So I thought I'd post a few thoughts on the subject. The doc was very pleased with my health and fitness. In fact, he half-joked that I have an overly active immune system. :-) (I think he wishes I would get sick more often so he could actually make some money off me - HA!) Unfortunately, good health and fitness aren't free. Over the last few years, Cami has inspired me to get back into better shape. I now spend an average of an hour a day, six days a week at the gym. And I balance that with a nutritious diet that includes fresh greens, fruit, nuts, fish, vegetables, etc. This may sound like a lot of work. But actually, it's just become part of my lifestyle...and I feel GREAT because of it. I understand that this is the only body God has given me. If I don't maintain it, I won't be able to participate in many of the activities that Cami and I enjoy together...hiking, camping, traveling, tennis, etc. But more importantly, I would drastically limit the one thing I am most passionate about in photography! Think about this for a minute. The exotic gear I use is pretty heavy. So if I couldn't carry it all, I would severely limit the number of tools in my arsenal. Besides this, often the best angles for a shot come from kneeling, laying flat out on the ground, standing on a chair or precariously balancing on a ledge. And finally, to capture those fleeting moments, I have to be able to move quickly. Imagine trying to sprint up a long set of stairs carrying 40lbs of camera gear to get ahead of a bride & groom as they enter the reception hall! Anyway, as the new year begins, I am re-dedicating myself to a healthy lifestyle. BEST WISHES for a HEALTHY and HAPPY year for you!