Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Ten-Year-Old in a Grown Man's Body

Whenever I'm goofing off or get a little too excited about the little things in life, Cami is fond of saying "you're just a ten-year-old in a grown man's body!" :-) I actually take it as a compliment since I believe it's important to maintain one's joi-de-vive and enjoy each new day like the gift that it IS!

Last week I had a chance to REALLY feel like a kid as I had the pleasure of photographing the ARBC preschool portraits again this year! I've been lucky enough to see some pretty incredible things in my life...from the rolling hills of Ireland to the jagged crevices of the Grand Canyon, the lush rain forests of Costa Rica to the savanna grasslands of Africa. But I tell you, NOTHING can lift your spirits like the dimpled grin of an innocent little girl!

This is my young friend, Kayce. Isn't she ADORABLE?!?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Lowcountry Housing Trust

I've just wrapped up shooting on a really cool project for the Lowcountry Housing Trust. It was really neat to meet all kinds of interesting folks...the "next door neighbors" of Charleston. I also got to work with two AMAZING ladies...Tammy Hoy and Michelle Mapp. As a bonus, the Art Designer on this project was one of my VERY FAVORITES...the sweet-n-spicy Amy Reed of Helium Inc. The images will be used on the new collateral piece for this AWESOME organization. Check them out and get involved!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sarah & Tom

Tom & Sarah came to Charleston MONTHS ago for their Engagement Session. We had so much fun and got the coolest shots along the beach...that I just KNEW their wedding day was going to be BLAST! I wasn't mistaken...

Their wedding was at the beautiful and historic First Baptist Church, downtown. Sarah was absolutely STUNNING...right down to her pure white gloves. What a great LOOK in that first photo! Pastor Blalock is always so kind and personable and did a FANTASTIC job with their ceremony. Tom's nephews Noah, Andrew, and Harrison were 9-year old triplets who served as the DASHING ring-bearer & ushers. Kaylie & Anna were Sarah's nieces who served as the most ADORABLE flower girls! It was truly a gorgeous ceremony all the way around. Their guests rang tiny silver bells as Sarah & Tom took off in their private horse-drawn carriage.

Since White Point Gardens is just down the street from the church, the whole wedding party stopped there for photos under the majestic oak trees before heading to the reception. I just LOVE that one of Tom with the bridesmaids! Is that a "get me out of here" look or what?!? Then it was on to the charming Francis Marion Hotel for their Reception. Everyone had a wonderful time with my friend and DJ EXTRAORDINAIRE, Eddie "L", keeping the spirits high. I really like the drama in this silhouette of Sarah & Tom holding hands on the window sill as the evening rolled on. See the rest of the photos in their Online Gallery...


Saturday, October 20, 2007

More California Coast

Well, I've been asked to share more shots from our trip to California. I squeezed off some 800+ images, so I won't bore you with ALL of them. :-) But here's a few I liked.

The first one is at sunrise on the California coast, just below our Inn at Cambria. I was laying on a rock ledge with the camera jammed into a crevice to hold it steady during the looong exposure, which is what gives the water that silky appearance. I traveled EXTREMELY light this tripod. The second is Cami and Mom enjoying the view at Ragged Point. We had a nice lunch at their outdoor eatery there with it's fresh air and friendly birds. The third is the Neptune Pool at the famous Hearst Castle. What an AMAZING place! The fourth is me in front on Nikon's west-coast branch. I had to pick up an order. So Dad and I stopped there one morning when the girls gave us the morning to ourselves! ;-) The last one is of Cami and I on the Santa Monica Pier a few hours before we headed home. Mom & Dad took us to dinner at this cool restaurant at the very end of the pier on our way to the airport. Needless to say, we had an AWESOME trip and can't wait to go back and explore more of the California coast.

Friday, October 12, 2007

California Sunshine

Well, we're back from soakin' in all that California sunshine! We had a WONDERFUL time of relaxing, exploring, and hanging out with my parents. One of the highlights for me was getting to photograph the Elephant Seals that beach along the coastline. This one was enjoying the sunshine ALMOST as much as we were!!! :-)

Monday, October 1, 2007

On Vacation: October 2nd - October 10th

Cami and I will be on vacation October 2nd - October 10th. We'll be visiting my parents in California. But don't worry, we're NOT leaving our cameras behind! I'm sure we'll bring back some fun images for you to enjoy...

"YOU move! No YOU move! No YOU MOVE!"

I caught these two in the middle of their staring competition on the way to photograph an engagement session one evening. Just thought it might put a smile on your face! :-)

Beach Baptism

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day. In fact, it was the PERFECT day for a DUNKING! Pastor Dave led our church (Ashley River Baptist) in a wonderful Beach Baptism service on Folly Beach. Since my good friends, Amelia and Ticely were getting baptized I couldn't help bringing out my camera so I could give them something to help remember this special day when they get older. :-)

Click here to see ALL the photos...

Terri & Bryan

Terri & Bryan were about the most easy going, laid back couple I have EVER met! It's such a TREAT for me when a bride and groom's personalities so closely match my own. On top of THAT, Terri is about as big a dog-lover as Cami is. :-) So we all just had a BALL together!!!

Terri got ready at the Hilton Ocean Front Resort. I just love this shot of her with her wedding dress. The wedding took place at Dolphin Head Beach. It was a picture-perfect day for a beach wedding. After the ceremony was over, a nice gentleman strolled by with his beach-cruiser bicycle. Instantly this image popped into my head and I asked him if he would be so kind as to let us use his bicycle for it. He grinned and said "OF COURSE". I think he just wanted to see if Terri was daring enough to try it!!! :-) As the sun started to set, and before we headed over to the Country Club of Hilton Head for their reception, I was rewarded with this STUNNING image of them on the rocks.

To see the rest of the images, visit their Online Gallery here...

Terri & Bryan, you guys ROCK!!!