Thursday, September 27, 2007

Deb & Michael

Although Deb & Michael's wedding and reception were at the same locations as last weekend's wedding, it was totally UNIQUE in EVERY way! This just goes to prove my theory that each wedding takes on a life and personality all it's own. That's what I LOVE about what I do. I may cover 50 weddings a year...but I never photograph the same thing twice! :-)

Michael is a Citadel Grad from Bravo Company. So this reflective image of him with his barracks in the background really has special meaning to it. While Deb put on the finishing touches to her makeup, all her bridesmaids waited excitedly to escort her downstairs. The ceremony in Summerall Chapel was touching. And after everyone had left the sanctuary, I got this WONDERFUL silhouette in the open church doorway before Deb & Michael jumped in their stretch SUV limo. Their Reception was at the Citadel Beach House. And with the rich drama unfolding in the twilight sky, we ran out to the beach for a few portraits and some private time for the newlyweds. Then it was back inside to party all night long!!!

Deb & Michael, my wish for you is that your new life together may be a never-ending party: full of fun & excitement, grounded in your love for each other!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pete Sampras vs. Jim Courier Miracle Match

Since someone we know has recently been diagnosed with cancer, I thought it was neat that Cami and I got hired to photograph the Pete Sampras vs. Jim Courier exhibition tennis match benefiting the Miracle Match Foundation and the MUSC Children's Hospital. The event was held at the North Charleston Coliseum this last weekend. Not only was it great tennis...yes, these guys can STILL bring the heat...but it was also entertaining. Pete Sampras, arguably the greatest tennis player ever to have lived, and holder of the most Grand Slam Championships in the history of the sport, is normally a pretty shy guy. So to see him loosen up and have some fun with the crowd was just awesome. This first image was taken at a private Meet & Greet function before the match...what a grin!?! :-) On top of everything else, the entire event was for a fantastic cause. So if the Miracle Match Tour is coming to a town near you, make sure you attend. You'll get a lot for it, and you'll be giving to someone who needs it a lot.

A Trio of 200s

As a member of NPS (Nikon Professional Services), Nikon occasionally loans me their latest products to try out. This weekend they sent me the AMAZING new AFS Nikkor 200mm f2.0 with Vibration Reduction technology. Affectionately known as the "Fat Boy" among pro circles, you can see why in this comparison of three lenses that achieve 200mm focal lengths. The Fat Boy is on the right...duh! With a maximum aperture of 2.0, it's a full stop brighter than my favorite 70-200mm f2.8 zoom on the left. That means it can capture an image in a dimly lit environment that's TWICE as dark as the 70-200mm f2.8 can. For comparison, in the middle I have my wonderful 200-400mm f4.0 zoom. This is my favorite "long glass" or Super Telephoto lens. The Fat Boy can see in an environment that's FOUR times as dark as the 200-400 f4.0 can. Obviously, each piece of equipment has their advantages and disadvantages. But I certainly can say I thoroughly enjoyed playing with this ultra sharp, ultra fast, ultra bright (and ultra heavy) wonder of modern technology. The Fat Boy is the fastest 200mm lens currently produced by ANY camera manufacturer!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reflections in the Waves

Tara & Matt contacted me from out of town about photographing an Engagement Session for them. Recently engaged, they were VERY MUCH in love. :-) This was one of my favorite images from the session because of the intimate embrace, the serene expression on Tara's face, and their reflection in the glassy surface below.

Matt is an Underwater Fine Art Photographer. Check out some of his AMAZING photos at

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Faith is a longtime client, friend, and kindred spirit of mine. She's an account administrator for Marsh Management Services. She ALSO bakes AMAZING made-from-scratch cookies! I took this shot of her while I was at their office photographing head-shots of their executives. Doesn't she look like a young Bette Midler?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Danielle & Keith

Danielle & Keith were my DREAM BRIDE & GROOM! I was talking to Eddie "L" (their incredible DJ) at the end of the reception and we both agreed that they were two of the nicest people we'd ever worked with!

To start the day off, I photographed Keith and his "entourage" at the Dunes West Country Club where they were getting ready. Then I zipped over to Danielle's house in Dunes West where I was rewarded with this elegant portrait of Danielle relaxing before the Main Event. With Keith being a Citadel Grad, it was fitting that their ceremony took place at Summerall Chapel...complete with sword ceremony! On our way off campus, we stopped by his old barracks to create a couple cool shots like this one of them in the checkered courtyard. The reception was appropriately held at the Citadel Beach House where the beautiful sunset allowed me to capture this contemplative silhouette while they shared a little "alone time" away from the party. With heavy beach-theme decorations, I thought it would be neat to get a unique image of their gorgeous rings on the arm of this starfish.

Danielle & Keith, thanks for putting up with all my CRAZY ideas and being so AWESOME to photograph. When you look at this last photo, remember that a ring is in the form of a circle, with no beginning and no end. May your love for each other be never-ending!

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Friday, September 21, 2007

An EXCLUSIVE with Mr. President

WOW! It's not often in one's life that someone can say "I met the most powerful figure in the free world". However I have been BLESSED with just such an honor!

After going through scrutiny and eventual approval by the Secret Service, I was hired by an organization called The First Tee to photograph a private function for their National Trustees at the Ocean Course on the Kiawah Island Resort. Former President of the United States, George Bush, was the guest of honor.

I arrived early to get this shot of the Club House where the fine reception and dinner would take place. All told, there were only about 30 guests in this elite group of golf enthusiasts. As part of the requirements to join included a cool One Million Dollars, I can understand why! But once you were "in", you were "IN". I mean Mr. President was happy to mingle and chat with everyone that could muster up the nerves to shake his hand.

As the setting sun released an explosion of colors all over the sky, I framed this silhouette of Mr. Goodwin, owner of the Kiawah Island Resort, talking to Mr. President on the balcony about the famed Ocean Course that stretched out below them in the fading light. The next morning I returned to photograph a friendly round of golf between all the guests, minus The President who had flown on to New Hampshire at the conclusion of the previous evening's events, on this very same golf course of Ryder Cup fame.

I must say, I feel HUMBLED and HONORED to have been selected to cover this amazing event! Much gratitude to Jennifer Kenwell and her awesome organizational skills, and Carol Curry from the PGA Tour. You ladies ROCK!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Videographer Extraordinaire

Bill Nixon of is one of my favorite videographers to work with! He has an AMAZING vision and definitely loves what he does ALMOST as much as I love what I do! :-) We always have a great time together. So when I arrived at Josh & Erin's wedding and saw him getting out of his car...I KNEW it was going to be a great day. Needless to say, with all the images I take at each wedding, I end up with quite a few shots that have DJ's, videographers, caterers, wait staff, etc. in the background. So I sent Bill some of the "where's waldo" photos he was in just for kicks. Well, he went and created this REALLY COOL slideshow with them. Check it out at:

Just Erin

Erin and I had a really neat time getting to know each other and getting to work together a few weeks ago. We arranged to meet at historic Boone Hall Plantation for me to create some memorable Bridal Portraits for her. They ALL came out AWESOME...but this was one of my favorites. :-)

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Erin & Josh

After about six years together, Erin & Josh FINALLY tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony at Alhambra Hall. I met up with Erin and her girls at The Old Village Post House, where Josh had proposed to Erin months before, where she was getting ready for her Big Day, and where she and Josh would spend their wedding night together. Erin is such a beautiful petite young lady...but she has more heart and soul than most people TWICE her size...I just LOVE that about her! :-)

When I left the girls to finish doing their "thing", I met up with Josh at Alhambra Hall where the ceremony and reception would take place. The Grand Lawn is a fantastic place to photograph with all kinds of neat backgrounds. The vertical texture of the tree bark, contrasting with the smooth horizontal white of fence made for a cool shot of Josh.

The ceremony itself was late in the evening under the Live Oak. So the lighting was absolutely MAGICAL! Erin's face was GLOWING in the setting sun as she looked into Josh's eyes. I know it's hard to see in these small images, but you can juuust make out the solitary tear running down her right cheek as they exchanged their vows. It was a touching moment for me and I felt blessed to have been in the presence of their love and adoration for each other!

Erin and Josh, thank you for making my heart FULL on your wedding day! May your hearts be ever overflowing as you fill each other's lives with love, hope, and peace each day you spend together.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Charleston's Finest Chefs

I've been working on a really neat project with the Charleston Regional Business Journal to photograph some of Charleston's FINEST Chefs. The story will include some of their favorite holiday recipes. Here are a few of the images that I really enjoyed creating. The first one is of Fred Neuville at The Fat Hen. I had such a great time with Fred and was so impressed with his kitchen that Cami and I took our friends Nick & Sharon there for dinner last night! The second image is of Kevin Ives of The Ocean Room, which is at The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island. And the third is of Mike Lata of Fig. Mmmmmm...bon appetit!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Something Special

When Jessica & Paul were planning the photography for their wedding day, they decided they didn't want a traditional Bridal Session or Engagement Session. Instead, they wanted something special! So when I showed them photos from a previous Trash-the-Dress session, it clicked. So the day after their wedding, we went out to one of my favorite beaches and HAD A BLAST! I'm quite certain some of these images will end up gracing the walls of our studio very soon... :-)

Jessica & Paul

Jessica is this sweet "California Girl" that I absolutely LOVE to death! Paul is this suave, studly "Firefighter Dude" full of romantic charm. They compliment each other PERFECTLY!!! :-)

Their wedding was held at St. Luke's of my favorite little chapels here in the Holy City. The exposed wood rafters and bright stain glass windows make for a beautiful combination that's hard to beat. Their reception was held at The Mills House...another one of my favorite venues with it's classic old-school attention to detail. In between the two locations, Jessica & Paul had their limo driver drop them off at Waterfront Park so we could create some fun and unique images in the soft light of the setting sun. The very next day, we met again for an AWESOME Trash-the-Dress session at Folly Beach before they headed out to catch their Mediterranean Cruise.

Jessica & Paul, you guys were THE BEST! I had SO MUCH FUN working with you guys and getting to know all your family and friends. You are truly blessed to be surrounded by such a strong support group. I wish you ALL THE HAPPINESS in the world!!!

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As most of you know, I'm the Official Photographer of the Family Circle Cup Tennis Championships. But I'm also a huge tennis fan and love to play the game! One of the local USTA teams I play on won our city league earlier this summer and got to compete in the State Championships this weekend. On top of THAT, the US Open has been going on and I enjoyed watching my favorite pros strut their stuff. Knocked out fairly early at the US Open this year, here's a shot of Serena Williams from last year's FCC Championships.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Leigh & Matt

It may have been sprinkling that afternoon, but Leigh & Matt's personalities have a strong polarity towards the their spirits weren't dampened ONE BIT! I really think that says a lot about these two. Their love for each other and their EXCITEMENT about finally being together just wasn't going to allow any negativism to creep into their wedding celebration! Since I've been accused many times of possessing just such a positive personality myself, I felt an instant connection with both Leigh & if we were already old friends. Needless to say, we had a GREAT time together!!!

Their wedding and reception was held at the Sand Dunes Club on Sullivan's Island. I love the huge open rooms, safari-style furniture, and old-school hardwood floors in this private facility. I've included just a few of my many favorites from their day. But I would be remiss if I didn't comment on the image in the middle of Matt & Leigh exiting the great hall at the conclusion of the wedding. As a full time professional, I work very hard to train my eye, have an intimate knowledge of my equipment, and constantly be aware of my surroundings. So it's SUCH A JOY to be rewarded with an image like this every now and then. As the newlyweds walked past me, I don't know WHAT possessed me to switch off the flash, ratchet the shutter speed down to expose for the shadows, and whip around to focus on their backs. But when Leigh tossed that "I-can't-believe-I'm-finally-married" glance over her shoulder at me...well it was like the photo gods had tossed me a GIFT from heaven to reward me for all my hard work and dedication! :-)

So Matt & Leigh, I just wanted to shout out a HUGE thank you for allowing me to share in the positive energy of your wedding day...and for giving me the best gift a photographer can ask for!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Legal Elite

I've been working on an assignment commissioned by the Charleston Regional Business Journal entitled The Legal Elite. It involves photographing the top legal minds in Charleston. Today I had the privilege of photographing Eric Schweitzer of Ogletree Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart.

Their firm is one of the most respected in the field of Labor and Employment Law. According to a recent press release: "77 Ogletree Deakins attorneys have been named to the 2008 edition of The Best Lawyers in America. Of the 77 lawyers, 70 were named top lawyers in the area of Labor and Employment Law. This gives Ogletree Deakins the most Best Lawyers in the field of Labor and Employment Law in the U.S."

Eric has been with the firm some 27 years and runs the Charleston office. He had just finished moving over the weekend, so we had a great time commiserating over the aches and pains of moving since Cami and I had recently done the same. Eric has a passion for sailing. So when I saw the original painting in their lobby depicting the historic Charleston Harbor with the sail boat, I knew right away this was where I wanted to create his portrait. We moved the furniture around to give me the angle I wanted and flipped the reading lamps on in the background for ambiance. Add to that Eric's charismatic smile and we had the shot I was looking for! :-)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Jessica & Avery

Following all the fun from the previous evening at their Rehearsal Dinner Party, I wasn't a BIT surprised at how DELICIOUS Jessica & Avery's Big Day was! I use that adjective with great purpose because the scenic beauty surrounding their wedding day was like eye-candy to me. I was gleefully capturing moments as if I was a kid lost in a chocolate factory! :-)

Their wedding was at Christ Episcopal Church in Mt. Pleasant. It's a wonderfully open sanctuary with huge windows that let in this soft glowing light that I love to work with. One of my favorite shots is of Jessica and her father, bathed in that beautiful light, waiting with eager anticipation to walk down the isle together. Anyway, I had so many favorites just at the church that I didn't get a chance to share with you any of my favorites from the Reception!

Held at the Charleston Visitor's Center, this was THE PARTY to attend!!! It's such a cool venue and we had such a BLAST that you've got to check out the rest of the photos in Jessica & Avery's Online Gallery to see some of these. At the end of the night guests lit the corridor with candles held high as the newly-weds exited the building to take their carriage ride off into the night.

Jessica & Avery, as you grow old together, remember to keep your hearts young, remember to give each other those "looks" EVERY day, and remember to keep your love for each other as fresh and delicious as if you are just two kids lost in a chocolate factory!