Saturday, December 31, 2011


Welcome to our cooler, better, bigger, BRAND NEW BLOG! I've been photo-blogging for years. I love passing on information, sharing my passion, and highlighting favorite images I've created throughout this journey called LIFE. But we sort of outgrew the limitations of our old blogging system along the way. Here then, is our totally customized new blog! A wonderfully gifted designer and photographer named Danella, built it for be totally and uniquely "US". Bookmark it. Visit often. We hope you enjoy this new window into our world as we continue along this journey with you!

(We have imported ALL the posts from this Blog into that one. Although we won’t delete it, please note that we will NO LONGER be updating this old one at So if you have that address saved in your Favorites folder, kindly change that address to the new one listed above!)

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james r westbrook said...

diggin' the new blog! Great layout. Fresh, new, elegant, easy to navigate.
Hey, just FYI the "Photos" link on right side is pulling a '404' error.

Thanks guys, keep up the good work!